How to Fix & Tips Xbox One Controller Not Working?

Most Xbox gamers have an Xbox One Controller connected, but it needs to be fixed. This is one of the most commonly requested queries on the Microsoft Community page. The Controller will easily connect to your Xbox series x or PC, but you won’t be able to use it for navigation. The issue has an easy fix. Many Xbox series s users believed that the case resulted from a software bug. But you can avoid this problem by employing straightforward workarounds.

How to Fix & Tips Xbox One Controller Not Working?

Here are some details on how to pair an Xbox One controller that is provided in this article:

Things you can do to fix Xbox One Controller Connected But Not Working Error:

  • Check the battery
  • restart the Controller.
  • Change up your matching strategy.
  • Numerous devices
  • Fresh updates

Restart the Controller:

For the majority of problems, restarting is the best option. Hold the Xbox button on your Controller for six seconds to turn it off. Please turn it on after that and give it another go. Restart your console if the a great majority, then try again. This will delete the temporary cache files on your console and allow xbox one series s game pass your Controller to connect without restriction.

Check the Battery:

If you’re using Bluetooth to pair your best xbox one games Controller, check sure the batteries are still OK. If they’re outdated, replace them with new ones. Any used batteries should be removed from the Controller.

When using a connected xbox one series x connection, there’s no need to check the batteries. A micro USB wire is used to charge the Controller. Removing xbox live the batteries will allow you to use wired connections. Also Check How to Enable Tinder Dark Mode [Android & iPhone].

Use a Different Pairing Method:

Connecting the Xbox One controller to a computer is via Bluetooth, micro USB cable, or wireless adaptor. The Controller can be connected to an Xbox machine in two different ways. Change to a different approach if the first one needs to be fixed xbox cloud gaming. For additional information on the various connection techniques, see our articles on how to connect an Xbox controller to a computer and sync an Xbox controller that won’t connect to a computer.

Multiple Devices:

Remove any external devices connected to your PC or gaming console, such as a tracking pad or headphones, and try again. These extraneous devices can break the connection with the Controller. Once the Controller is connected and operational, you can connect the other external devices.

New Updates:

Install any new Xbox and Controller updates as soon as they become available. The old software could have a few minor bugs and issues. If you don’t update gta 5 cheats xbox one s your devices to the most recent version, problems like these may arise xbox series x restock frequently. Connect the Controller to a friend’s console and update it if you’re having trouble navigating.

Our opinion:

You can try the following methods if your One controller doesn’t connect or is connected but needs to be fixed. If you try each xbox one x of these fixes, you can select your Controller. Let us know in the comments if your One controller isn’t working with Bluetooth, and we’ll try to help.

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