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How to Enable Tinder Dark Mode [Android & iPhone]

The most popular dating app in the world is Tinder. Although the application can be modified in many ways, Dark Mode is not enabled. Not just Tinder, but most dating apps do not support Dark Mode. Tinder doesn’t have a built-in setting to enable the dark mode, but you may do it by changing your device’s settings.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Tinder [Android]?

Enabling the developer setting on an tinder dark mode android smartphone will allow you to use Tinder in dark mode.

1: Open Settings on your Android phone

2: Select the About Phone option by swiping down.

3: Activate the Developer option by continuously tapping the build or version number. A pop-up will appear, letting you know that you are now a developer.

4: Select Developer options under System settings after enabling the developer option.

5: Now, using the search bar at the top, look for the Force Dark option.

6: A option titled Override Force Dark is visible. Select it, then touch the toggle next to it.

7: Go back to the Settings page and enable the Android device’s dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Tinder [iPhone]?

How to make tinder dark mode? Launch the Tinder app. A dark background will appear when you first open it.

To get the dark mode on all loaded apps on the tinder dark mode iphone, you must enable the Smart Invert option in the device settings.

1: On your iPhone, go to Settings.

2: Select the Accessibility settings after selecting “.

3: Open this setting for Display & Text Size.

4: Switch the Smart Invert option by tapping the toggle next.

5: The default white theme on your iPhone will be replaced with a black piece.

6: Launch the Tinder app, and the dark background will appear by default.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a built-in dark mode on Tinder?

No. Dark theme support is sadly not available on tinder dark mode ios. However, there is a chance that it will be included in updates in the future.

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