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6 Best SD Card Formatter For Windows

You may need to format your memory card for several reasons. For instance, you may make to restore a defective SD card to its original functionality, or you may make to free up more space for storing essential information. The majority of users, however, choose to format memory cards because they want to change the file system from one Format to another in order to get quicker writing rates. After evaluating a dozen tools, we chose the 6 best SD Card Formatter Tools for Windows 10 to assure a simple and effective formatting procedure.

During the formatting procedure, all data saved on the internal/external device will be deleted. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you back up all of your information and folders before to utilizing any of the tools mentioned below to format the SD card.

The following is a list of memory card formatting tools:

Best SD Card Tools Formatter For Windows 

1. SanDisk Repair Tool

SanDisk RescuePRO is a tool for recovering photos, videos, documents, and other files from SanDisk memory cards. It comes in three different kinds. The Standard version can recover data from SD cards up to 256 GB in size and supports the most common file formats. The Deluxe edition supports with SD cards up to 1 TB in size and more file formats. Lastly, the Deluxe Commercial version has the same features as the regular Deluxe version, but it can be used for business. There is a useful SD card imaging tool in SanDisk RescuePRO that you can use to make an image of your SD card for later Recovery.

2. EaseUS Partition Master

It is an outstanding application that offers complete hard disk management and troubleshooting solutions based on Windows Disk Management and Windows Command Prompt.

EaseUS Partition Master’s Format function is one of its most popular. The format option allows users to swiftly resolve a variety of issues with SD cards and USB flash devices. HDDs, SSDs, and other storage device types There are free and premium versions of the tool. You may use any edition that meets your requirements!

3. USB Disk Storage Format Tool By HP

The formatting tool originally worked solely with the company’s flash drive. However, improvements to the software made it one of the best options for formatting digital media of all types (SD cards, hard disks, USB flash drives, etc.). Regardless of the name brand. In addition, if you’re using Windows, HP’s USB Disk Storage Format Tool is a helpful tool with a straightforward interface that speeds up routine tasks like formatting memory cards and making a bootable DOS startup CD.

4.SD Memory Card Formatter

For Windows 10, here’s a freeware utility for formatting memory cards. Furthermore, the program assists in the repair of storage devices such as memory cards, flash drives, and hard drives to cure a variety of issues. So, what sets this tool apart from the rest? In contrast, the application is intended to work with nearly any type of memory card. It has a simple dashboard from which you can effortlessly conduct different tasks. The SD Card Formatter is compatible with both Windows and Mac users.

5. Stellar Recovery

This micro SD card repair program offers professional-grade data recovery skills and the capacity to handle all sorts of data loss scenarios, including drive formatting, file system damage, file deletion, and more.

In addition to micro SD cards, Stellar Recovery can recover data from standard SD cards, CF cards, hard drives, optical media, and USB flash drives. If you want to be extra careful while using it to repair a faulty SD card and recover data from it, you can also utilize its disc imaging capability to build a full backup. The Premium version of Stellar Recovery can repair damaged and distorted images and movies, but it is much more costly than the Professional version.

6. Rufus

Rufus is well-known for formatting devices (USB flash drives, SD cards, and hard drives) and making bootable USB with its easy-to-use user interface. This makes it a popular utility that is easy, simple, and useful whenever your device needs it.

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