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Xbox Game Studios Has Deep Portfolio Ready For E3

Xbox Game Studios Has Deep Portfolio Ready For E3

It’s the launch year for a new console generation, and Xbox Game pass ultimate 12 months Studios is making the most of Sony’s absence from E3 2020. President Phil Spencer recently stated on Twitter that the company has a robust portfolio for this year’s conference, including Halo Infinite and other titles.

Xbox Game Studios Has Deep Portfolio Ready For E3:

Xbox Game store and Playstation 4:

Since the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, Xbox has continued to lag behind Sony, impeded by a lack of exclusives, less power than the Playstation 4, and marketing the Xbox One as more how to cancel xbox game pass 12 month of a multimedia platform than a console. Also check Tokyo Game Show: Xbox Series X And PS5 News & Updates.

Xbox Game Studios develop new Xbox exclusives:

However, Phil Spencer has previously stated that how much is cancel Xbox Game pass pc Studios are developing new exclusives, and E3 2020 may finally how much is xbox game pass list be our chance to see what they’re up to, though we have yet to determine what.

With games like Halo Infinite in the works and Ori and the Will of the Wisps coming out next month, Microsoft will have plenty of time and space to show off everything that’s either coming to the Xbox Series X at the end xbox game pass price of the year or how they’ll be saying goodbye to the One.

Xbox Game Pass Games Studios And E3:

Sony will likely skip E3 for the second year in a row in response to the conference becoming less of a press event and more of a social media influencer event best games on pass. According to a previous statement, the current state of E3 needs to meet Sony’s expectations.

While this means that a former E3 pillar will no longer be visible, it will give Studios a good way to avoid being overtaken by Sony, especially xbox game bar since the Series X will be the star of the show (whereas the Playstation 5 has yet to be unveiled anywhere with no confirmed date). Because E3 2020 is still several months away, we have ample time to surmise what Microsoft will show us around that time.


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