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How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter in 2023

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter in 2023

Twitter is one of the most widely used channels for keeping up with international events. All of your Tweets have been set to public by default. It implies that your Tweet is visible to anyone with a Twitter account. Twitter search has built-in privacy settings called Protected Tweets that allow you to keep your tweets private. You can set your Tweets remote so only your followers can see them by enabling it.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter in 2023:

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter iPhone and Android App?

(1) Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android).

(2) Tap the top-left corner of your Twitter profile photo.

(3) Select Settings and privacy from the option.

(4) Next, select the Security and privacy option.

(5) Pick the Viewers and tagging option

(6) Tap the toggle next to the Protect your Tweets function to enable it.

(7) After that, select the Photo tagging option and enable it.

(8) After enabling it, choose. Only people you follow can tag you.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter Web Version?

(1) Open the PC browser and log into your account at twitter.com.

(2) Select the More option from the menu on the left.

(3) Select Privacy and Settings.

(4) Privacy and safety Viewing and tagging on the settings page.

(5) Select Protect your Tweets by checking the option.

(6) To confirm, click Protect.

(7) Next, select the Photo tagging option, enable it, and set it to Allow tags only from people you follow.

Prevent People From Texting You Directly

You can choose who can send you direct messages on as well.

(1) Select Privacy and safety Direct Messages on the Settings page.

(2) In this section, remove the check mark next to “Allow message requests from everyone.”

By turning it off, only your followers will be able to message you and invite you to group chats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Can “Potentially Sensitive Content” Be Fully open On Twitter?

  • Open a browser and go to elon musk Twitter.
  • Click the More option item in the left-hand menu.
  • Choose your privacy settings.
  • Tap on Content you view > Privacy and Security.
  • Enable the option to display material that might contain sensitive Content here.


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