Top 8 Best Job Apps Like Instawork to Earn Cash Instantly

Many people are looking for jobs on the Instawork site. On the other hand, it is also highly beneficial from the perspective of the client. This website provides several adaptable options for easily finding contract work and gigs. Additionally, a smartphone app is available to make the procedure simpler and more accessible to everyone.

Instawork app is not the only app or platform that provides these alternatives, in actuality. There are several other applications with virtually identical functionality and comparable popularity.

Top 8 Job Apps Like Instawork to Earn Cash Instantly

1. Qwick

Qwick is one of the best alternatives to Instawork login, and it might completely change how people do business! You are matched with food and beverage shifts right away. You may choose the timetable you want to work on, and you can get paid right away after finishing your shift. As a professional, you may utilize this to submit your application and start obtaining shifts.

You may use this service to look for people to work these shifts. For instance, if you manage a food business and are short on employees, utilizing Qwick to locate a candidate for a position is straightforward.

Key features

  • It provides potential employees with all the information they need to accept or reject a shift.
  • It also offers information about the location’s address, the hourly rate, how to get in touch with the personnel, where to park, and what to wear.
  • As soon as 30 minutes after your shift ends, you’ll be compensated.
  • Join tens of thousands of other businesspeople who have similar interests.

What does Qwick produce?

You only need to download the app on your phone, sign up using your credentials, and input your availability and experience.

Before beginning to get shifts with Qwick, you must first attend a brief orientation.

When a shift becomes available, they will SMS you the details of the job so you may decide whether to take it or not.

Everything about qwick

Continue reading to find out more about Qwick jobs, requirements, and prospective compensation.


To become a Qwick professional, the requirements below must be satisfied:

  • a mobile phone
  • Any relevant experience from the past
  • Participate in an in-person orientation
  • Licences and certificates that are necessary

Types of Jobs

A few of the roles that Qwick has open include line cook, dishwasher, spread server, driving, accounting, tourism, production & manufacturing, and more.


According to Indeed, the auditor and shift leader at Qwick make an hourly compensation that ranges from $10.25 to $25.00. In addition, compared to $15,000 for bartenders, the average Qwick salary for operation coordinators is $59,000 annually.

How will qwick pay you?

To receive money, you must create a Stripe account:

  1. Launch the Qwick business app and sign in.
  2. Click on the menu item labeled “payments” in the top left corner to choose it.
  3. Once you’ve chosen to “update payment info,” type in your payment information.

Within 30 minutes of your shift ending, they’ll utilize Instant Pay to deposit your money to your Stripe account. However, to use Instant Pay, a debit card must be provided.


At Qwick, you can choose to work a flexible schedule. In other words, you may select the open shifts and your preferred work hours.


Qwick can be the best option if you work in the food and beverage industry and are seeking a way to enhance your income. You can decline a shift if you have any other job to do.

No matter what you do—whether you’re a bartender, cook, waiter, or concession attendant—it can always help you get a job and earn additional money.

However, you must have an average score of at least 3.5 to continue working and acting professionally on the site. Although it provides you the choice, be aware that altering your schedule may affect how future employers view you.

2. Adia

With Adia, which was developed expressly for the gig economy, you may schedule a set amount of jobs after being hired as a W-2 employee. It offers services including warehouses, the hospitality sector, general labor, and special events in Dallas, Washington, Chicago, and New York. You may instantly reserve a gig near your home using the app.

You can complete the skills assessment using the app. You’ll become a W-2 employee once you’ve completed a few bookings.

Key features

  • You will get push alerts when you are matched to a new role.
  • If you cancel gigs during this time frame, your profile can be penalized.
  • Use the app to schedule any pick-up, full-time, or part-time jobs that are available.
  • Access services like warehouses, ordinary labor, and special events.

How does Adia function?

Simply download the Adia app to your smartphone, create a profile with your details, and list your skills, interests, and availability. After being hired, your onboarding will be one-and-done.

Once your profile has been activated, you may book any part-time, full-time, and pick-up jobs that are listed in the app. Additionally, based on your preferences, Adia will match you with a job you’ll enjoy. You must reserve the one you wish to work on and reject the others.

It will let you know when a job opening that appeals to you arises. Everything is focused on you, so you may work as much or as little as you desire!

Everything About Adia

Continue reading to find out more about the employment requirements and possible pay for Adia.


To work with Adia, you must possess the following qualifications:

  • To enter, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must pass a background check to be cleared
  • Submit a 1-9 to demonstrate that you are authorized to work in the United States.
  • Your trusted friend should be your “Authorised Rep” for the numbers 1 through 9.

Types of Jobs

It offers a wide variety of work opportunities in many different industries, such as the service industry, catering, general labor, hospitality, retail, and special events.

3. Payout

According to Indeed, the typical hourly income ranges from $9.00 to $50. Since its pay cycle runs from Monday to Sunday, you will always be paid on the following Friday after work.

How will Adia reimburse you?

You are completely free to choose how you want to pay! Choosing between direct deposit and paper checks is possible by visiting the “Payment Details” section of “My Profile.”


Employees may arrange jobs to meet their schedules. The labor force that companies need might be reserved as needed.


According to a few Indeed workers, the app has some difficulties, but if you need assistance, their customer service is fantastic. Consequently, once you land a gig, it is yours! But make sure you’re reachable beforehand. Additionally, you may easily swipe left under “My Shifts” to cancel a shift if you need to do so more than 24 hours in advance.

4. Upshift

With Upshift, you may choose from a variety of locations, companies, and employment possibilities that fit your interests, schedule, and skill set. Upshit is only available in a select few locations, such as KY, OH, SC, IN, NC, TN, and TX. You can see a list of the cities where Upshift is available.

You may choose where and when you want to work, and then pick if you want to work an extra shift only for this Friday or every Monday. This strategy from Upshift makes picking up shifts incredibly simple!

Key Features

  • Choose from a variety of establishments, locations, and careers.
  • When it suits you, work.
  • Both full-time and part-time jobs are possible on Upshift.
  • Select the shifts that appeal to you from the numerous that are offered in your region.
  • It is only accessible in a few locations.

What is the work of Upshift?

Complete the online exam first, then apply to Upshift. Furthermore, bear in mind that only 12% of applicants are picked, so be careful to do an excellent job. Once you pass the exam, you may schedule a time to complete instawork phone number your in-person onboarding in one of their offices.

Once this happens, you’ll have access to jobs in your neighborhood that fit your interests or skill set. Upshift offers a variety of jobs, both full-time and part-time, with flexible hours.

To start applying for jobs in your area, you only need to log onto your Upshift app. All you have to do is confirm a shift after it has been authorized. You may even apply for different shifts based on your availability.

Everything about Upshift

Continue reading to find out more about Upshift jobs, requirements, and possible pay.


To work upshifts, you must be eligible under the following circumstances:

  • To enter, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must pass a background check to be cleared
  • They ought to reside in America, ideally.

Types of Jobs

Cooks, bartenders, dishwashers, crew, packers, customer service agents, and data entry operators are just a few of the roles available.

5. Shiftgig

Shiftgig’s platform connects gig workers and employers using a smartphone application so they can apply for one-time and continuing assignments in real-time. Before applying for shifts through the Shiftgig website, its workers, referred to as “Specialists,” are screened by staffing organizations and businesses.

Shiftgig’s main objective is to change the way people work by utilizing an insight-driven solution to match flexible employees with a range of local possibilities.

Key features

  • Embrace the freedom to plan your schedule.
  • assisting neighborhood companies to meet their workforce needs and continue to operate
  • There are just 15 cities that may use it.
  • Shiftgig will notify you via push notifications when your shift officially starts.
  • Specialists are the names given to its personnel.

How does shiftgig Work?

Before you may work as a Specialist (a Shiftgig employee), you must download the Shiftgig app and register an account by providing your basic personal information.

After that, you’ll need to appear for a face-to-face interview to learn about the open roles. The program lets you choose shifts afterward. Another app like Instawork is this one.

As you have the freedom to choose your working hours, you may explore the available shifts and apply for the ones you wish to work for.

Everything about shiftgig

Continue reading to find out more about Shiftgig employment, requirements, and possible pay.


The following requirements must be met to qualify as a Shiftgig Specialist:

  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years
  • to be able to work in the United States
  • possess knowledge in a certain field
  • You need a smartphone that can run the Shiftgig app.
  • You must live near a city where Shiftgig is active.

Jobs by Types

On Shiftgig, you may find jobs in manufacturing, production, representatives, brand ambassadors, warehouse labor, housekeeping, cooking, dishwashing, serving, and a lot more.


Depending on the type of job you do, you can earn different amounts on Shiftgig. The hourly average for a brand ambassador on Shiftgig is $20.87, while the average hourly wage for a housekeeper is $8.99, according to Indeed.

Additionally, the average yearly salary at Shiftgig for an accountant on staff is $82,659. On the platform, bartenders frequently make approximately $20,000.

How will Shifgig Pay you?

By completing a Pay Selection form during the sign-up process, you can choose to receive your payments by direct deposit or a pay card.

You receive weekly pay based on the number of hours you put in. Specialists who qualify may select DailyPay, which provides them with early access to their funds before payday.

Remember that the hours a person reports after doing your assignment determines whether they get any money from Shiftgig. However, the ultimate approval choice is with the Client.


Because you are in charge of it, you may adjust your schedule and take on projects during downtime.


Employees may obtain on-demand jobs using the SaaS-based photo service Shiftgig on their smartphone.

It allows you to work whenever you choose, but the biggest drawback is that you are not compensated for travel time.

If you reside in one of the 15 locations where Shiftgig operates, you can sign up and begin exploring for jobs that are a good fit for you.

6. Tend

Tend is the most popular marketplace in the US for recruiting staff in the hospitality sector. With the help of an app, employment in the hotel business may soon be easier to find. Another app like Instawork is this one. Also, look at Alternatives to Sign Up Genius

Additionally, it makes sure that the jobs it shows you are a perfect fit for your area and skill set. Even better, you can go through the open shifts and choose the ones you wish to work.

It offers its services in places like Orange County, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York City.

Key features

  • It is only available in 19 cities.
  • Opportunities vary according to where you live.
  • Make sure the job you choose appropriately combines your location and skill set.

How Does Tend Work?

Compared to the other applications covered in this post, including Instawork, Tend is extremely different. Because most applications have a straightforward application procedure to get authorized, Tend interviews to admit you.

After carefully reviewing each application and resume, the best applicants are asked to sign up for a video interview.

You’ll get access to tens of thousands of tasks with our clients each week after your application has been approved. Furthermore, if you give outstanding service, you’ll get amazing employment, get good pay, and have the potential to rise in the Tend ranks.

Everything about tend

Continue reading to find out more about Tend positions, requirements, and possible pay.


To be a Tend Tender, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years
  • to be able to work in the United States
  • possess knowledge in a certain field
  • You should live close to a city where Tend commutes to work.

Type of Jobs

Tend offers a range of jobs in the hospitality industry, including waiter, cleaner, prep chef, event crew, bartender, line cook, dishwasher, and many more.


According to Indeed, the average hourly pay for Tend staff is between $13.47 to $47.56 for dental hygienists and housekeepers.


Because you don’t always need six hours of service, Tend allows you to make reservations for any length of time.


You could discover employment vacancies on Tend that fit your schedule and skill set. Depending on your experience, employment offers are issued each week.

Additionally, they will evaluate your skills and grasp your enthusiasm for this field throughout our interview process. Get approved, then apply for jobs that fit your skill set.

Shipt Shopper

Similar to Instawork, Shipt uses a smartphone app that can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store to provide its consumers with same-day delivery from a range of shops.

You may choose from a wide variety of participating establishments in your neighborhood. A personal shopper will also pick up your order once you’ve placed it and let you know if any of the goods are out of stock.

More than 5,000 American localities have access to it. To check if Shipt is available in your area, enter your Zip code online. Another app like Instawork is this one.

Key features

  • Both same-day delivery and customized shopping are offered by Shipt.
  • available in more than 5,000 American communities and accessible to more than 80% of residences.
  • The whole amount of tips offered to ship drivers and customers is maintained.
  • Benefitfocus provides advantages including subsidised vehicle insurance and discounted monthly fees.
  • It works along with several renowned stores and local supermarkets.

How Does Shipt work?

The Ship Shopper app must first be installed on your smartphone before you can log in. Then, you may choose how frequently and when to work.

The only time you’ll receive payment is when you deliver the goods that a Shipt user has put in your neighborhood, so keep that in mind. Due to its versatility, your earnings may differ from one Shipt consumer to the next.

When an order becomes available for acceptance, you will be notified that an estimated payment range of $6-7 or $12-$15 is indicated. However, the amount you may earn will depend on where you reside and your career options.

Everything About Shipt

Continue reading to find out more about the requirements for Shipt Shoppers and the possible profits. Another app like Instawork is this one.


The following requirements must be met to register as a Shipt Shopper:

  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years
  • an active driver’s license
  • own automobile insurance
  • Having an Android or iPhone
  • Own a dependable mid-size 4-door car, SUV, covered-bed truck, or van.
  • at least 40 pounds to lift.


Where you reside affects how much a ship makes. Shipt estimates that you might earn up to $22 per hour. These hourly rates are determined by how efficiently and rapidly you can shop.

You may raise your salary by providing exceptional customer service, paying attention to what you’re purchasing and where it is in the shop, or working on Sundays and Mondays.

How will Shipt pay You?

You must mark an order as “delivered” when it is finished to view how much money you made from the Shipt order by looking at your delivery history.

Direct deposit of your funds will be made into the bank account you provided during service registration.


While working, you can make and follow your schedule.


Groceries and other products may be easily delivered to your house using the well-known delivery service Shipt.

Before accepting an order, you may read nearly all of its information, choose when and where to buy, and make your selections.

Additionally, depending on where you reside, orders might not always be available. After working on Monday and Sunday, your payment will not be made until the following Friday.

7. WorkWhile

WorkWhile, an hourly labor service that matches people with shifts based on their availability, credentials, and location, is an alternative to Instawork. Another app like Instawork is this one.

There are no complicated agreements, upfront costs, or extra costs. Additionally, within 25 hours after concluding a shift, your hourly income can be transferred to a debit card.

Key features

  • Based on your qualifications, availability, and location, it connects you with jobs.
  • Pay the next day.
  • the ability to switch between many occupations
  • Obtain flexible and full-time work
  • There are no upfront costs, extra expenses, or complicated commitments.
  • You can control your money, schedule, and other preferences with one app.

How Does WorkWhile Work?

Just join up, create a WorkWhile account, and complete a brief online orientation are required. Following that, you may choose from a range of occupations.

Based on their thorough screening process, which includes one-on-one interviews, cognitive science exams, and background checks, you choose a worker.

Everything about Workwhile

Continue reading to find out more about WorkWhile employment, requirements, and possible compensation. Another app like Instawork is this one.


To qualify as a WorkWhile professional, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years
  • Background checks must be negative
  • to call the United States home
  • own a smartphone that is compatible with iOS or Android
  • Background checks must be negative

Jobs by Types

It includes a wide range of professions, such as delivery driver, basic laborer, and warehouse associate.


The type of employment you do affects the compensation you earn. According to Indeed, the typical WorkWhile salary is $18.42 an hour.

How will WorkWhile Pay You?

WorkWhile provides two options: quick payout to your debit card and weekly direct deposit paycheck.

WorkWhile handles your unpaid wages for the preceding Monday through Sunday that have not been given through fast payout each Monday. This is known as your weekly payroll. However, the funds will go to your pot account in 1-3 days.

Instant Payout: This may be your best option if you need money on your debit card in less than an hour. Even then, it can take an entire day before it shows up on your debit card.

Although there isn’t one right now, there could be one in the future for money transactions. If it has been 24 hours since your shift finished and you have still not received your earnings, you can contact the support staff.


You may do it whenever works for your schedule. When you let them know when you are available to work, they will match you with a shift that suits your skills and location.


According to users on Indeed, WorkWhile provides a respectable work-life balance. You may choose from a choice of businesses and the available shifts because this is merely contract employment.

8. JobStack

You may locate temporary, adaptable jobs and gigs in your area that meet your credentials and schedule by using an online job portal called JobStack. Another app like Instawork is this one.

One of the unique features of the JobStack is how it chooses the jobs that are the best fit for you. The more gigs you accept, the more a job learns about your preferences.

Key features

  • Find nearby gigs and employment that are temporary and flexible.
  • Find a job that accommodates your schedule and skill set.
  • offers jobs in several different industries
  • being able to choose jobs that fit your skill set from a variety of vocations
  • As a reward for your great achievement, receive further opportunities.
  • Employers can use an app to rate your performance.

How Does JobStack Work?

Only the app download and account creation are required. As soon as your registration is finished and verified, you will have first access to thousands of jobs.

Right now, accept the job that best suits your schedule and degree of expertise. Whether you choose to fill your schedule with a full week of work or simply a few evening and weekend engagements is totally up to you.

Once you choose jobs or gigs that suit your requirements, you will receive instructions on what to bring, where to go, and what to anticipate when you get there.

Everything About JobStack

Continue reading to find out more about the jobs, requirements, and possible pay offered by JobStack.


The following requirements must be met to qualify as a JobStack professional:

  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years
  • Background checks must be negative
  • to call the United States home
  • own a smartphone that is compatible with iOS or Android

Jobs by Types

This category of employment includes, among many other vocations, general laborers, transcribers, cashiers, housekeepers & janitors, banquet and restaurant servers, prep chefs, bartenders, waste/recycling, forklift, and machine operators.


According to Indeed, you may expect to make between $15 and $20 per hour with JobStack. The bulk of its jobs require a basic skill base, therefore pay varies by position.

How will you get paid by JobStack?

For certain tasks, you can get paid as quickly as 24 hours. But the majority of its jobs come with weekly compensation.

It offers pay cards and direct transfers for quick and easy payments. The pay card, which works much like a credit card, may be used without having a bank account.


Using JobStack, you can decide when to work and manage your work schedule. Accept jobs with flexible hours and reject those without!


Thanks to JobStack, PeopleReady employees enjoy the convenience of looking for local jobs that suit their skills and fit their schedules.

You may work around your schedule as long as you remember to check the task off or you won’t get paid, according to multiple Indeed reviews. The quality and expense of these positions are also determined by the fundamental work requirements, as well as by the branch that allocated the post.

Final Phrases:

There is a terrific app called Instawork for job searchers. It has a highly user-friendly UI and numerous functions. There are other apps available for this use, though. For this reason, we have included information on 25 more apps in this post that are similar to Instawork.

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