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How to Change Passcode on iPhone [Step by Step Example]

One of the most secure smartphones ever is the Apple iPhone, according to research. Despite the iPhone’s built-in security, users can add a passcode to their device to further secure it. Regardless of the iPhone model, you can still use the passcode if you don’t like cutting-edge biometrics like touch ID and face ID. No one other than you can access your device thanks to the passcode’s security. Therefore, whoever is looking through your data won’t be able to steal it. Any iPhone user needs to change their passcode regularly, just like when they first set it up. Check out this section if you want to use a different passcode or if you haven’t changed your iPhone’s passcode in a while.

How to Change Passcode on iPhone [Step by Step Example]

On all iPhone models, you can quickly  by following the instructions provided below. For the newest features, make sure to update your iPhone to the new version.

(1). proceed to Settings.

(2). To agree to Face ID & Passcode (iPhone X and later) or Touch ID & Passcode, scroll down (iPhone 8 and below).

iPhone Passcode Change

Touch ID and Passcode together.

Agree on the Passcode if your iPhone doesn’t have a touch ID.

Utilizing the on-screen keys, enter the current passcode.

iPhone Passcode Change

Old passcode Please

(4). To agree on Change Passcode, navigate to the bottom of the page.


On Change Passcode, click

(5) Please enter your old passcode once more.

(6). Then enter the most recent passcode and confirm it to authorize changes.


Password change

Note that the iPhone’s default passcode option is a six-digit code. You must click the Passcode Options link and agree to change it. Choose between the 4-Digit Numeric Code, Custom Numeric Code, and Custom Alphanumeric Code at this point.

Select a Passcode Format.

choose Passcode Format from the menu

Reset your iPhone’s passcode using iTunes or iCloud, or restore the device from recovery mode, if you’ve forgotten your passcode.


You must modify the passcode if you think about protecting your iPhone’s digital possessions. It is preferable to periodically to prevent unauthorized access to your iPhone.

Have you experienced any issues changing the passcode? Ask it as comments below. Visit us on Facebook for the most advanced articles.

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