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Where Is Clementine – How to Find Clementine Clues In Stray

Where Is Clementine – How to Find Clementine Clues In Stray

Finding Clementine churchill in Chapter 10 of Midtown is the main focus of this page of the Stray Wiki Guide on IGN. You’ll need to find Clementine twice in this chapter. She will give you the mission to steal the atomic batter when you first find her. You’ll need to find her once you’ve taken the atomic battery. To guide it easier for you to find the page you need, we’ve divided this page into two sections where we’ll walk you through finding Her both times.

Where Is Clementine – How to Find Clementine Clues In Stray:

For a comprehensive walkthrough of Chapter 10 – Midtown, see the video below.

How to Find Clementine – First Encounter?

You’ll be given the task to locate Clementine jane hawke at the opening of Chapter 10 – Midtown by speaking with the locals and displaying Clementine’s photo. You’ll find that the walking dead Clementine walking dead stays someplace in the Midtown housing area after conversing with a couple of the Companions and that the blue symbol on the back signifies the street name, the green dots the floor number, and the red dots the room number. To see the symbols, you can view and rotate the picture.

When you reach the main plaza, take right, reaching the bar, the hat shop, and the barbershop, and you’ll see the blue sign my darling clementine porn. You’ll find three mouthy robots inside this space, and we’ll get their task done soon enough. For now, follow the sign pointing to the second floor at two green dots and then reach the stairs to the third floor at three dots. Also check Best Gaming Packages to Download Mobile Games For Android.

You should search for room 5, which is the most apparent room on the third floor and is boarded up and secured with police tape. Fortunately, there is benjamin clementine a window hole you can jump into.

Once inside Clementine’s apartment, enter through the kitchen into the living area to be surprised by her. When she asks what you’re doing, show her the picture. She has been trying to find a way out, but the Sentinels restrict such activities, so she will require your assistance and a lot of deceit to make this work.

How to Find Clementine After the Atomic Battery?

Now that you have the Atomic Battery, you can head around and walk back up the main Midtown street to oh my darling Clementine strain apartment. As the Security Robots search for Clementine, you’ll find when you return to the apartment complex that everyone has been barred from entering. The hovering Sentinels higher up will become enraged if they spot you, but the robots won’t notice if you attempt to get past the barrier and into the facility.

Wait at the entrance until the main central Sentinel spins to the right, then dart around to the left while using the posts as cover. When you are lake clementine hotel & suites anaheim near the main stairwell, wait until the second Sentinel looks to the right as well before hurrying up the stairs to the second floor.

Sentinel Guarding Side:

There is a Sentinel guarding the stairs on one side clementine bakery, therefore proceed to the side with the Sentinel on patrol by going right at the top of the stairs and not left until you reach a middle path. Wait for it to move toward the far wall before sneaking up behind the box stack on the left and running up and to the left to reach the third floor once it has passed you.

As soon as you reach the third floor, swiftly jump onto the railing, use the beam to cross the opening directly to Clementine’s apartment, and then jump out the window. Sadly, it looks like Clementine has left, however, she did leave a note oh my darling clementine lyrics in the room with her computer that is blue and green. Once B-12 has it, take close attention to the four symbols it shows since these are her coded message.

Clementine’s Clues:

  • The incense burner in the center clementine barnabet of the living room serves as the first symbol. “I’m with,” it reads.
  • The second symbol is a sizable crystal that may be accessed by pulling at a piece of cloth that protrudes from a drawer to the left clementine ford of the incense burner and using it as a platform to reach up to the nook above the computer room. It reads, “Blazer.”
  • The third symbol, which resembles a traffic cone, is on a mannequin’s head in the restroom. “Come to,” it reads.
  • The last symbol is a lava lamp, although there are several clementine hunter throughout the apartment. You need to hunt for the one with a large heart on top of the kitchen shelves over the stove. It reads “Nightclub” on it.

Find Clementine at the Nightclub:

Since you now know where Blazer and Clementine are, proceed to their apartment window and prudently jump out when the Sentinel turns his back. Then, quickly use the beam to cross over to the stairs leading to the second floor clementine shepherd ford, then quickly descend by following the yellow cord to land back on the ground floor and return to the streets.

The Bouncer robot will not let you inside the nightclub with the purple neon signs if you head around and walk back down the street. To find out about a back entry to get through, talk to the criminals robots nearby.

Enter the nearby alley, then jump up clementine the walking dead to the pipes close to where a robot is seated on an awning using the yellow sign. Cross another robot looking out the window by going across the pipes to the nightclub’s back wall. If you talk to him, he’ll be happy to let you into the club.

How To Find Clementine In Night Club?

  • The nightclub has a lot of amazing sights to see, such the two DJs, the bar, and all the dancers, but Clementine is nowhere to be found. The VIP balcony is closed since Blazer has reserved it, the bartender will inform clementine twd you if you talk to her.
  • Speak with several of the robots around the wall by the stage to discover a route up. Fripp, a green robot, will offer to give you a drink clementine cake in exchange for his complaint that he was expelled from the VIP club despite having stolen a lever in the process.
  • Bring a bright orange Strange Drink to the Bartender and check the back wall for it there so you can add it to your inventory.
  • Give Fripp the Strange Drink from back up top calories in clementine, and you’ll get the Lever Handle. If you’re wondering where to put it, look up on stage where there are two cylinders, one on either side of the actors, each with a base for a lever. While the other requires the Lever Handle to work, one of them is still functional.

Installing the Lever:

Installing the Lever Handle will enable you to temporarily lower the cylinder so that you can jump on top of it before the DJ arrives clementine century city and raises it back to its original position.

You may find a controller with three buttons at the top of the nightclub that can be used to move a number of light fixtures. You must cross these light fixtures to enter the VIP area.

  • Press the button in the extreme right.
  • Press the button in the extreme left.

As it curves towards the VIP section, you should now be able to jump to the nearest fixture and head around completely to the far clementine 2019 left. As you get closer, Blazer will vanish, so follow with him to find a startling revelation that will bring you clementine rule 34 to Clementine and an unexpected place.


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